Nov 28, 2012
Sheman & The Doll Faces!
The infamous Pain Solution ChristmasShow!
Starring: The Princess of Scars & Koyote

When: 14th and 22nd December
Doors open at 20.00 - show starts at 21.00
Where: Concert hall at Blitz

CC 150/100
Agelimit: 16 years
Tickets can be bought at Pinpoint Piercing from December 1th.

Our story opens as...
Posted by: June Secretary
Aug 15, 2012
BookLaunch: Wings of Desire - Learning to Fly
Our book is finally here!! Come celebrate with us!
Posted by: June Secretary
May 02, 2012
There is fresh blood in town!
Pain Solutions latest apprentice The Monkey Boy is no other than the Master of Pain’s own son, so there is no doubt that he has it in his blood.
This evening he will be showing more of his new learned skills together with The Princess of Scars, The Maniac and of course The HeadMaster.
Posted by: June Secretary
Apr 03, 2012
PS Media
The reason we're not posting news is not that there are no news. It because we're to busy to make things happen that we forget to write about all the stuff we're doing. In other news we have just established yet another branch on our three that is Pain Solution; PS Media is our very own DIY publisher!
Our first publication will be ready in June, and it can already be ordered. In fact we depend on the pre orders to raise the funds wee need to print our book.
Posted by: Headmaster
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