Mar 19, 2015
Here it is MY FRIENDS!
The rare chance to witness carnival characters converging from the far corners of the world. From the desert, from the ice, from the city of Brotherly Love: The Squid Shift Solution.

The Squid Shift Solution Circus Convergence III campaign on indiegogo
The Squidling Brothers are thrilled once again to be traveling with Pain Solution and Swing Shift Sideshow. Inspiring the next generation of performers and keeping the art form we love evolving. Alive and Deadly.

Receive fun perks like VIP tickets, tour merchandise, bent up props from Strongman Titano Oddfellow, a Solar Branding by Andrew S. and Jelly Boy the Clown recording your Voice Mail message. This and much more!!

Thank you so much for taking a moment to check out the campaign. Please spread the word and get ready for The Squid Shift Solution!!!
Posted by: June Secretary



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