Jan 14, 2015
New year, new opportunities!
Pain Solution sums up the 2014 with a total count of 189 shows! That exceeds last years record of 167 shows and makes us both happy and proud of the achievement. Our goal for 2015 is to hit the 200 mark! Maybe we're being ambitious? So what! Ambition got us this far and we have so much more ahead of us!
In the past couple of years we have been working with Zirkus des Horrors in Germany. This has been a good move for us, since we've been able to keep up with all our other bookings as well. We keep performing at all kinds of events. locally and internationally. Touring where ever our shows are requested, and apparently the requests are coming from all over!
This year will see Pain Solution in New Zealand and Australia for the very first time! It's taken us 22 years to reach this part of the world, and it makes us extremely happy to finally bleed down under. We will be continuing our work with Zirkus des Horrors this year as well, with 44 shows confirmed from April 1st till June 16th, more to come in the fall. We will participate once again in the Circus Convergence Tour in the US og A. This will be the third edition of the tour, featuring The Squidling Brothers, Swing Shift Side Show and Pain Solution.
As always, we're not the best at keeping up to date with our website and other on-line business, it's all because the real life is keeping us busy!

To all our fans and followers; We wish you all the best for 2015 and hope to see you at a show sometime soon!

Yours truly

The HeadMaster
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