Booking Information
Pain Solution is available for booking and offers entertainment for all sorts of festivals, parties and events. We provide shows for all occasions; kids parties, anniversaries, weddings, night clubs, youth clubs, kick off's, festivals, and more. If entertainment is needed we can deliver!
The best way to go about any booking inquiries is to send an email to: Please include date and place of the event your planning, and let us know what you want from us. Based on the information you provide we will get back to you with an offer.

Our shows range from 20 minutes to 2+ hours. We can do solos, duets, and the full three artist cast, depending on budget, space and availability. To a certain extent our shows can be tailored to suit the theme of the event, and/or the target audience. Naturally the family shows are fun and friendly, while adult shows can be more explicit in various ways. On request we can also perform single acts where this might be needed.

Apart from the shows we can also offer:
-Lectures on Body Suspension, Self Harm, Pain as Medicine, Pain Solution, Wings of Desire, and The Fakir Academy.
-We can facilitate a variety of endurance contests on beds of nails. Rules can be adjusted to suit the competition, up to six people can test their courage and strength simultaneously.
-Body suspension demonstrations, workshops, and facilitation of private suspensions.
-Fire eating and fire breathing classes. (Strict rules apply)

Below is a selection of photos that can be used for promotion, all photos: Helene Fjell. If you need larger files for print, please ask, and we will send it.
St. Halvardsgt. 1c
N-0192 Oslo, Norway
+47 413 31 193