Pain Solution Promo
Pain Solution is a power packed rollercoaster of breathtaking entertainment, taking the audience on a ride through beautiful and bizarre sideshow acts.
Pain Solution pushes the limits of body and mind, making every performance a visual experience of brutal aesthetics and extreme body control.

Pain Solution combines the art of fakirs and physical theatre to create a ritual experience, generating a rush of adrenaline and pure energy for both the performers and the spectators.

Pain Solution is proud to perform real acts, avoiding illusions and tricks. Always playing at high risk, always pushing for more, and always balancing on a sharp edge.

Pain Solution will never cease to shock and amuse! Every show will leave scars on the body and give the public a thrilling sensation never to be forgotten.
St. Halvardsgt. 1c
N-0192 Oslo, Norway
+47 413 31 193